Happy Imbolc! : My Goals for a New Cycle

A bright Imbolc to you all! 

For those unfamiliar with Imbolc, it’s a Pagan and ancient Celtic festival that celebrates the beginning of spring. It’s a reminder that Mother Nature is still “alive” and “stirring” beneath all the winter snow and frost. To me, the festival symbolizes hope, renewal, and new beginnings. In other words, I find Imbolc to be more like a “new year’s day” than January 1st.

In December 2019, I made the decision to think of and commit to my new year’s (or rather new cycle’s) goals on Imbolc. My thoughts were that January would be the month I would use to “readjust” to life after the holiday season and that Imbolc on the first day of February, with all its symbolism, would provide more motivation to work towards those goals. Plus, it helped to visualize a bright spring for beginning a new journey than trying to muddle through tasks during the depths of winter.

And I think the symbols of hope that Imbolc brings are needed more this year than ever.

In 2019 I also switched from making “resolutions” to “goals.” Resolutions just have a more “firmness” and “rigidity” to them. There’s no wiggle-room and doesn’t seem to allow for life’s ups and downs. They’re so absolute. Goals, on the other hand, feel more “fluid” and “aspirational.” There’s no one right way to reach a goal, and to me, they’re something that you accomplish rather than “resolve” or try to “fix.” Goals feel more natural.

So, what, you might be wondering, are my Imbolc goals for this cycle? I’ve decided to focus them all around sustainability. I won’t share too many details since they’re pretty personal, but I’ve narrowed them down to 3 overarching goals:

1.       Discover and create more sustainable routines.

2.       Discover and create a more sustainable well-being.

3.       Discover ways to create a more sustainable world.

I know my final goal won’t be something that I will finish in 2021’s cycle, but the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the cracks in U.S. society that many, particularly BIPOC, have been experiencing since the beginning of history. Our current society is not sustainable, and it isn’t one that I want to continue upholding. So I want to begin my undoubtedly long journey to find ways to help create a better, more equitable society. And there’s no better time than the present, especially a present that coincides with Black History Month and Black Lives Matter Week of Action.

And with that said, Imbolc blessings to you all!

Until next time, 


Featured image by Simon Berger.