A black-and-white photo depicting a spider in the a web.

A Web of Lies: Part 1

A peaceful world is a dull world… The elf took a sip of ale as she glanced around the tavern. Folks were far cheerier now that the war was over, but the elf knew it wouldn’t last. She had been in the business for far too long to believe wars ended after stern generals and the bloated nobility signed some papers. And she was fine with that.

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Small mouse hidden among leaves

A Funny Encounter with ROUS's

My grandmother had a jungle in her backyard. Well, not really, but she had enough plant and animal life back there to make one.

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Field of white snowdrops against backdrop of blurred light.

Happy Imbolc! : My Goals for a New Cycle

A bright Imbolc to you all! For those unfamiliar with Imbolc, it’s a Pagan and ancient Celtic festival that celebrates the beginning of spring. It’s a reminder that Mother Nature is still “alive” and “stirring” beneath all the winter snow and frost. To me, the festival symbolizes hope, renewal, and new beginnings. In other words, I find Imbolc to be more like a “new year’s day” than January 1st.

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Cloaked man sits in a dark tavern room.

Late-Night Ramblings of an Insomniac: What if Aragorn was Black?

Where I imagine an ethnically diverse Middle-earth.

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Photo of Donald Trump wearing medieval style clothing

Late-Night Ramblings of an Anxious Person: How Donald Trump is the Worst Lannister Ever

And yes, I’m including Joffrey in that list. *SPOILER WARNING*

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Photo of bright pink lilies

An Introduction | 初めまして

こんにちは!このチビ生活にはようこそ! | Hello and welcome to This Itty-Bitty Life!

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